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Together we will defeat the enemy!

Glory to Ukraine!

Thank you for your participation in the struggle for Peace and Freedom

365 resistance (year of war)

      Exactly 365 days, because we remember each of them. The first day when we accompanied our relatives to a safe place. Each of the following days, sleepless, tense, full of despair and full of hope, days of regret and joy, experience and hope. Our people experienced a lot during these 365 days. We were able to show the whole civilized World an example of the protection of freedoms and peace. They showed an example of unity in the name of Victory over aggression and injustice. We have shown that the position of power is a destructive and self-destructive position and unacceptable in the modern world order.
        Every Ukrainian, anywhere in the world, did not remain indifferent and indifferent to the tragedy. We have demonstrated in practice what "national unity of the nation" is. With great gratitude, Ukraine bows its "head" to the countries and peoples who supported true friendship and mutual assistance in a difficult period.
      I thank my brothers for their help, for their self-sacrifice, for their kindness and giving of themselves for the Victory. The struggle continues, and until the Victory we will be next to each other and cry to the shoulder and back to back go forward to liberation and rebirth.
     And we are ready to completely revive and build a new Ukraine, together with the entire civilized world. A country with a single and diverse people with a deep national culture, a tolerant attitude towards every inhabitant of Ukraine and the whole world. We are ready to become an example of the birth of a new “man of the world”, who, anywhere on our planet, brings light, peace and creation and speaks the same language with all peoples. The language of love and mutual respect.
Glory to Ukraine! Peace for everyone!

Поддержи Украину

Good afternoon, friends. I was born in the USSR, I live in Ukraine. We were brought up as patriots of our country, and this feeling existed until it was destroyed in the Soviet army, and later on by all the events in our lives. After the independence of Ukraine, this feeling did not appear. The nineties passed, the two thousandths began, and this feeling did not come, despair and resentment for what was happening in our Ukraine came. Total corruption, banditry, frenzied citizens, deceit and much more, that made me think about leaving this country. This thought has become a priority. I'm sure everyone has asked themselves the question; “And what is the Motherland for you?”, the place where you were born, home, city, country. And over the years, the understanding has come that the Motherland is where you want to be, where you are valued and protected, where you are taken care of, it's like a home and a family, only in much more., where there is a feeling of happiness and happiness inside you. desire to create for the Motherland.

The events of February 24 turned everything in our minds, the grief and deprivation of my people, our families, the loss of loved ones, everything that had been built for many years, all crossed out in one moment. For nearly a year, our Ukraine has been fighting against external and internal enemies. From all that you have to see around inside, everything was devastated and burned to the ground. But there was hope that everything would change for the better anyway. At some point, I caught myself thinking that everything, everything is over. Further emptiness, and misunderstanding.

But every day more and more confidence appears inside that we will stand and everything will change. The big thing is faith. But even more it is a faith that is supported by events and people. And I believe that what happens to our country will later become a Motherland for every Ukrainian, wherever he is, in what part of the World he would not live. And pride in being a Ukrainian and worthy of bearing the realization that we are people of Peace and creation, the embodiment of all the best qualities and Humanity. Peace to be.

Glory to Ukraine!


Our association started working in December 2021, we gained momentum and did a lot to organize, negotiate with carriers and form a professional team that will ensure decent and fruitful cooperation with STATE INSTITUTIONS and more. But the invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of our Ukraine has begun! At this time, we organized the UAP volunteer center from the first days. Huge amount of work 24 \ 7, provision of hospitals with tactical medicine, with the help of Italian partners, cooperation with Donats, and provision of Kyiv residents during the difficult period of the first two months. More than a thousand city residents were fed and provided with medical care free of charge.

The need for field hospitals in the Gostomel and Chernihiv directions is 80% closed. There are four military units and a lot of activities on the permanent medical supply of our center. As the operational situation at the front changes, so do we. Now all attention is on the South and the East of Ukraine, we continue to deliver medicines, consumer goods and hygiene to the zones after the occupation and directly to the war zones. We will go together to victory, and our representatives in the United States are already working on how we will restore Ukraine and our industry after the Victory. Together we will defeat the enemy! Glory to Ukraine!



Today I would like to talk about humanity and donors who come to help in times of need.

People with a big heart and soul, but whom our World clings to. For whom such human concepts as. Compassion, selflessness, sensitivity, and sometimes self-sacrifice in the name of other people. It's what makes us Humans with a capital letter, it's what sets us apart from the rest of the world, it's what We're all here for. It is such people who move the world, it is thanks to them that humanity exists, it is thanks to them that salvation comes. It is selflessness, the willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the lives of other people, children, and the preservation of families. What can be higher than this, NOTHING! No material goods can replace the loss of loved ones, for all of us any material goods fade when trouble comes. And today I want to thank them for showing humanity and compassion, showing unity, regardless of nationality.

First of all, I would like to thank Serhiy Shpak, a partner from the "Railway Carriers of Ukraine" association, this person has been in touch since the first days of aggression, and with his help we received material support, without which we would not have been able to fully fulfill our duty.

Shota Abkhazava, who responded without unnecessary questions and ensured the smooth operation of our Volunteer Center. You ask what guided him, in a conversation with him he answered: "I really love Ukraine and Kyiv, there are dear people to me."

Ksenia Chamlai, who, being in Switzerland, conducts a great deal of work with our refugees abroad and also helps to receive material and humanitarian aid for our association. Oleksiy Kudlai is a person who from the first days organized the logistics of shipments of medicines from Italy, my business partner in Ukraine.

Yuriy Horobts, my partner, comrade for Donaty from the first day and for financial assistance for the purchase of Bus. Svitlana Humenyuk. A doctor who works in Italy and has been collecting specialized medicines for our organization since the first days, many lives have been saved thanks to this.

Daniela J Secretary General of the International Masters Weightlifting Federation. Volunteer from Germany. I collected and brought money for the purchase of a cargo bus for the delivery of humanitarian goods to Europe. And many more people who donated to us from the first days of Russian aggression in Ukraine. We Ukrainians thank you for what you are doing. This is humanity and what makes us Human. We will win! Glory to Ukraine!

President of the Association "Railway Carriers of Ukraine" Vice-President of the Ukrainian National Committee International Chamber of Commerce NENKO SERHIY ANATOLIYOVYCH


Good afternoon everyone. One hundred days, little or a lot. It is true that it is not enough for some reincarnation or development, but it is too much for struggle and constant internal tension, mental and physical. Some break from the beginning, some later, but we cannot finish everything ourselves, because this is a great price, the price of our confrontation is Freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom of existence.

Who of my friends still doesn't know, since October last year, I was offered to create and head the Association of Railway Carriers of Ukraine. We started very powerful and all our plans stopped on February 24. But we quickly set up the UAP Humanitarian Headquarters, and from the first days of the war we have been with our soldiers and helping the population. We have seen what war is, what human fear is, wounds, and the saddest thing is when loved ones die. There are also sad events in our ranks. Oleg Sobolev, Vice President for IT Affairs and Development, disappeared on March 29 and our search is still futile. We pray that Oleg is alive and we do not lose hope.


We are helped by our friends, acquaintances and all who seek victory. The war is a marathon, and the cost of losing is very high. The amount that we perform now is, in equivalent, 260,000 hryvnias per month ( 7 000 EURO). And these are humanitarian convoys to the places after the occupation, this is the delivery and logistics of medical supplies from Italy, this is about a thousand residents and migrants who are not fed every month. I will not keep a list, it is not the results, it is the duty, the duty of every Ukrainian. The greatness and unity of the Nation is the ability to resist any enemy. The ability to unite and go together to the end, to victory.

Volunteers should not ask, we do not ask, change your mentality. We are the ones who bring and direct your help, whatever it may be, to those who need it. Help this way to Victory! To wait for someone to decide this for you is to wait for the enemy on the doorstep of your home. Sorry for writing too much, but I feel that way.

Glory to Ukraine!

President of the Association "Railway Carriers of Ukraine" Vice-President of the Ukrainian National Committee International Chamber of Commerce NENKO SERHIY ANATOLIYOVYCH


On this day, Volunteer Day, I want to thank you for your strength, for your kindness, for your patience and endurance. We started this difficult task together, but it is our duty as citizens of Ukraine. statements and everything that can throw us off balance. Thank you for your endurance, honest and dedicated work. Thank you for being here at a difficult time. Thank you for your support and friendly shoulder. I am very proud of you, happy holidays to you, my ANGELS!

President of the Association "Railway Carriers of Ukraine" Vice-President of the Ukrainian National Committee International Chamber of Commerce



Kseniia Chamlai is a official representative of Association "Railway Carriers of Ukraine" in Zurich, Switzerland. 

In order to support and help Ukraine she voluntarily negotiates with swiss private sector, expats and locals in Switzerland, organizes collection of humanitarian aid and delivery it to Ukraine borders. She initiated a fund raising in Switzerland to maintain daily work of volunteer center of Association in Kyiv.

She is a mom of two, has found job and got self-employed in Zurich to have possibility to build a strong network of people who cares and ready to support Kyiv volunteer centre's initiatives. Part of her own earnings she contribute to support Ukrainian's needs.

Negotiating together with Zurich State authorities Kseniia promotes Ukrainian artists in Switzerland to find places to develope their skills and talents, to be known by Swiss society and to get support from Swiss government.

"We can win only because of strong spirit and will to be free. Stay together! Work together! Together to Victory! "


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Official representative of the Association and the Volunteer Center of the UAP in Italy.

My name is Svitlana Humeniuk, a Ukrainian, originally from the village of Koropets, Ternopil region. The fate was such that in 2004 after graduating from the Ivano-Frankivsk Medical Academy, not having the opportunity to develop professionally in Ukraine, she went to Italy for an internship. To date, he has received a doctor's degree in Italy, a diploma of specialization in Onco-Hematology, Doctor of Medical Sciences in Onco-Hematology, hematologist at the National Institute of Tumors "Regina Elena" in Rome.18 years abroad, but my heart beats where I was born. Love for my native land, pride in being a Ukrainian, instilled in me by my parents, both history teachers, are always in my heart, regardless of distance and time.

At dawn on February 24, a call to parents and the answer: "daughter, war." The first thought that I am a doctor should be going to Ukraine, my nation needs my help. Talking to colleagues and friends in Italy, I realized that medical care can be more than my two hands in Ukraine. On March 1, a group of colleagues and friends was formed, ready to provide support, the number of which grew incredibly in one day, reaching several hundred.

There was an urgent need for a fundraising association. There was no time for bureaucratic action. I was immediately supported by my ex-patient, the president of the L’Arcobaleno della Speranza Association, who agreed to raise funds through the association’s fund. Incredible work began, pharmacies, pharmaceutical groups, hospitals in the region and abroad were connected, cooperation with colleagues, citizens responded on the territory, an incredible network of contacts was created.

Both funds and donations of medicines and medical supplies were received. The order of drugs was carried out scrupulously, taking into account the needs of the war. There was a question of urgent transportation to the territory of Ukraine. Yes, fate gives meetings at a time when it is very necessary. This is an acquaintance with Alexei Kudlay. Thanks to him, cooperation with the UAP Association begins.

The president of the association Serhiy Nenko and members of the volunteer group worked tirelessly on the problematic issue of the logistics of transporting medicine to Ukraine. Complex, but well-established and specific work, a responsible approach to each stage of sending became a guarantee that all the material will be delivered to the destination. To date, € 20,000 has been raised for medicines and sanitary supplies (the list includes more than a hundred drugs, as well as blood transfusion systems, intravenous systems, orthopedics, surgical, hemostatic and dressing materials, ambulances, central venous catheters). 

In the amount of about € 15,000, medicines, sanitary materials and essentials were provided on a charitable basis. From March 7 to May 21, thanks to UAP, 3 shipments were organized to the territory of Ukraine and delivered to the destination. Each stage of cooperation is marked by professionalism, responsibility, humanitarianism. That means hundreds of lives saved. Thanks to all those who support Italy and the UAP Association in Ukraine, we continue our humanitarian aid. I believe in victory, a free and revived Ukraine. Doctor Svitlana Humeniuk.





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