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"Railway carriers of Ukraine "- in the NSRB Consortium

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Association "Railway Carriers of Ukraine" joined the Consortium New Silk Road BRICS (NSRB) trade and logistics IT platform "New BRICS Silk Road "(

According to the President of the Association of Railway Carriers of Ukraine, Vice President of ICC Ukraine (International Chamber of Commerce is represented in 142 countries and has a network of 90 National Committees) for cooperation with private railway carriers Serhiy Nenko of Ukraine, special conditions of cooperation with the global IT platform are created for the members of the association, opportunities to receive orders for railway transportation, work with customers around the world, etc.

"Joining a global industry structure is always beneficial because it expands opportunities for cooperation."

According to the President of the NSRB Roman Zubov, if you look at the map, Ukraine is very successful on the path of global logistics corridors.

“All that remains is to realize this potential within the framework of the New Silk Road and BRICS + project. Thanks to digital technologies, our global trade and logistics IT platform greatly simplifies the process of transferring goods around the world. Cooperation with the Association of Railway Carriers of Ukraine will open new opportunities both for railway carriers and for the entire segment of this market - insurance, law and other companies"

According to Oleg Sobolev, Head of the Association "IT, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency BRICS", digitization of all areas of this industry through the Digital BRICS Bank ( and ACS "BRICS Control" (cargo order, delivery, payment, insurance, support, etc.) significantly accelerate market development in this area.

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